+ What are normal turnaround times?

Normal turnaround times for process & scan is 7 days after receiving your film. All film is processed in the order in which it is received (unless you place a RUSH order — read on). Negative is still a small lab and 99% of the work that comes through our lab is scanned by one tech.

+ What should I expect after placing an order?

From us, you can expect an order confirmation email after you've successfully placed an order through our website, as well as an email confirming that we've received your film when it arrives at Negative! Finally, when we've completed your scans, you'll get a confirmation email & a Dropbox link allowing you to download your scans.

Your film order will be assigned a unique order number. Please print out your order confirmation email and include it in your box of film. This helps us track all of the orders that come through Negative!

Haven't sent your film in the mail before? See our FAQ on shipping.

While we do have the option of in-person drop off for folks who are local to LA, most of our local clients also choose to mail-in.

+ Can I place an offline order?

Yes. You can send film without ordering through the website by downloading a paper order form here. We will contact you via phone or email to handle billing when your film arrives at the lab.

We're happy to accommodate Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Cryptocurrency, and of course, traditional banknotes.

+ What scanner do you use? What are your scan sizes?

At Negative, we specialize in using the Fuji Frontier SP3000. This is an industry-standard scanner made by one of the biggest names in film.

For now, we're offering large scans only. Our Frontier is defaulted to the biggest output sizes for all formats. For 135 full frame this is 5444x3649, for 645 this is 4842x3649, for 6x7 it's 4251x3649, and for 6x6 this is 3637x3637. If you want low-res scans, we’re happy to accommodate that too.

+ Can you scan my film with the frame edges visible?

Yes. We are stoked to offer frame edges in 35mm format only — for now! You can now get those lovely Frontier colours instead of having to use a flatbed scanner to achieve that look.

There is a small fee per roll to achieve this look because it takes much longer to scan a roll of 35mm this way. We hope you understand :) Frame edges are now available under the 'JPEG / TIFF' tab in our online store.

+ Are you affiliated with Mammum Film Lab?

In some ways, yes! Negative is Mammum’s reincarnation and has a branding connection to Mammum. We are unfortunately unable to put you in contact with any of the folks who were behind Mammum – sorry about that!

+ Should I expect to edit my scans in Lightroom or Photoshop after they're delivered to me?

At Negative Lab, we will always try to achieve your “look” for you in the scanning process — all without requiring you to pay extra for fancy color profiles. Quite simply, since we are a small lab, we can take the time to get to know your work, eliminating the need for systems like color profiles (which are logical and effective ways for larger labs to maintain consistency).

With that said, even our biggest clients usually choose to make small edits to their scans after they receive them from us. Email us if you want some advice on editing film scans. And if you're spending more than a few seconds editing each frame when you receive your scans, we can help dial things in closer to what you prefer!

+ Sending-your-film-in-the-mail 101.

We recommend shipping with a carrier that provides a tracking number! That way, you can confirm that your film has arrived safely even before we send out our film-received email. Sending of this email is sometimes delayed when, for instance, a film order arrives late Friday afternoon just before we close.

When you ship your film, we recommend putting your film in a plastic ziplock bag; be sure to include your printed order confirmation or your order number on a separate slip of paper. Place your film in a box, make sure it’s safely packed (i.e., it's not going to bounce around during shipment) and you’re good to go. A box of film makes a great present for us, but a terrible shaker. Sorry, bad music joke! Really though, your film can get damaged if it's moving around too much in the box. The newest Kodak Portra 120 rolls are particularly susceptible to this.

You can save some money if you pack the film yourself — just hang on to those boxes next time you order something on Amazon! Make sure the film is nice and snug in the box — newspaper or bubble wrap works great.

Ship your film to the address below:

19528 Ventura Blvd. #583
Tarzana, CA, 91356
United States

Or, if you're in LA, you can drop it off during business hours to mailbox #583.

+ The lowdown on RUSH orders.

We can deliver a RUSH order in 1-2 business days after receiving your film.

Rush orders require a bit of coordination on our end — please email us at [hello@negativelab.co][11] before you place your RUSH order.

For the fastest turnaround time possible, we recommend shipping with a service that offers early morning delivery times so it can go straight to processing when our lab opens! To place a rush order, just select "RUSH" on the Turnaround Time menu when you're adding film to your cart.

+ Can you process slide film (E-6)?

Unfortunately, not yet! We hope to offer this service in the future. We can cross-process E-6 in C-41 chemistry. We can also scan transparencies, mounted or unmounted, that are already developed.

+ Do you offer bulk pricing?

Yes, we can often accomodate bulk pricing on orders over 50 rolls. Drop us a line via email at hello@negativelab.co if you’d like to know more.